Traveloka Coupon Code 2018

Traveloka Coupon Code 2018 June Winter Wonderland

Winter has officially started, let’s enjoy New Zealand Winter Wonderland with Traveloka Coupon Code 2018


Fall days has stopped officially, and here is the time for you to enjoy the most beautiful season of the year – winter. June marks the beginning of winter and New Zealand will transform into a winter land at this time of the year. There are some Traveloka Coupon Code 2018  for you to enjoy your best moment of New Zealand’s May attractiveness

Weather in June is definitely cold, temperature drops and snow starting to fall frequently in June. There may be some breezy, cool days, but do not be surprised if the weather is much colder, windier, and even some rain in June. If you want to flight to Christchurch or Queenstown this time, make sure you are well-prepared with a lot of warm clothes, and also special clothes and gear for winter activities.

The best suggestion for you when traveling to New Zealand in june is to book a hotel near a ski resort, with Traveloka hotel promo for amazing good price, and enjoy the liveliness of the city in winter. Be ready for activities like skiing, snowboarding, scenic winter driving, ice skating and heliskiing.

June maybe a winter month but it is totally fine if you are craving for some water sport such as such as jet boating, kayaking, off-roading, skydiving. Or you can also enjoy the hiking, ballooning, or even bungy jumping on some not-so-cold days.

Winter in New Zealand may sound exciting but june is not really a low season for travel business. It is a good news for those who do not like crowds or cities filled with tourists. If you do want to purely visit New Zealand for the peace and winter beauty, then let’s go for it.

Talking about the most amazing thing in may that you cannot miss, it is definitely the hot spring activities. What else can be cooler when you can relax in a hot, steamy, healthy tub in the middle of snow and the temperature is just below 10 Celsius degree. Book a flight to Wellington if you want to experience this amazing time. The best place for your recommendation is Hot Springs Motor Lodge. Choose to book with Traveloka hotel promo to save some more for your trips.

New Zealand in June definitely has one of the most outstanding view of all months. Let’s get ready for your trip to winter wonderland with the Traveloka Coupon Code 2018. Note that these will only be available for June so you better get started:

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