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Traveloka Coupon Code 2018 March Autumn Picture

Ready for gorgeous autumn picture of New Zealand? Let’s plan a trip for March with Traveloka Coupon Code


Hot summer days are coming to an end, and if you are not ready to say goodbye, make sure to enjoy it to the very last minute. You can call March as a transition between summer and fall. That is why it inherit the beauty of both seasons. For your best moment to enjoy New Zealand’s March attractiveness, there are some Traveloka Coupon Code 2018 with amazing deals.

As mentioned before, weather in March can be quite varied because of the change in season. There may be some hot sunny days, but do not be surprised if the weather is much cooler, windy, and even some rain in March. Generally, the weather is still good to spend days outdoor, exploring the city or have fun with some trekking or cycling activities. However, please take note that your coat and scarf (and any warm clothes) always accompany with you for those chilly days and nights, and especially when you book a flight to Queenstown, Christchurch, or anywhere in the South Island.

March is considered as a less humid month in New Zealand. And thanks to the warmth, the weather in March is perfect for grape harvesting. If you travel to New Zealand this time, do not hesitate to book a tour to some wineries and vineyards and experience the harvesting. In both North and South Island, there are quite a few wine regions such as Northland, Bay of Plenty, Auckland, Waipara or Central Otago.

Talking about the most amazing thing in autumn that you cannot miss, it is definitely the appearance of autumn leaves on the trees. You might want to know New Zealand native trees are all evergreen. However, do not be let down with this because there are still many other deciduous trees that change colors when fall comes. This picturesque scene, combined with breezy weather, will make New Zealand’s fall landscapes even more spectacular. Some best place for you to enjoy those autumnal colors are Hawkes Bay in the North Island, or Central Otago in the South.

You may think with these amazing things, fall must be a busy season for New Zealand’s travel business. The fact is not. New Zealand in March is no crowded at all, even in some popular tourist spots. Thanks to the low season, travel to New Zealand at this time is quite cheap. Combined with Traveloka promo code, you can really have some great deals for both booking flight and hotel.

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