Traveloka Coupon Code 2018

Traveloka Coupon Code 2018

With Traveloka Coupon Code 2018, your travel resolution has never been this excited before

2017 was over and the new, excited 2018 has come. Just like creating a bucket list or a resolution for the whole new year, this 2018, why don’t you sit down and create a travel list exclusively for wanderer souls. Introducing latest Traveloka Coupon Code 2018 for all the travelers out there. 

Traveloka is one of the leading online travel agent in SEA which offers the best promo of flights and hotels with no booking fee. Easy transaction with various payment options. Traveloka will make you find the best deals on every flights and hotel you need. And don’t forget to use Traveloka Coupon Code 2018 for special discount.

That sounds exciting, right? How about making it even more thrilling with Traveloka Coupon Code 2018. All year round, we will indulge your travel spirit with various promotions for both flight and hotel. Book a flight to Queenstown, or further to Brisbane and enjoy your wonderful vacation to the fullest in some of the most beautiful time of the year.

If you are new to New Zealand, you might want to know that this country is a mountainous island nation with an amazing weather. Everyone considers New Zealand as the opposite side of the world, because of the location in the South Hemisphere. When the rest of the world (or maybe just in America or Europe) are freezing under the snow, celebrating Christmas, New Zealanders are enjoying their most festive season in the middle of summer, on the beach, maybe with some barbecue and sparkling wines. So if you are planning for a getaway trip, to get rid of the cold and gloomy weather in December, travel to New Zealand is one of the best options you can find.

What is so exciting about New Zealand? Traveloka will give you some reasons. Just like many other countries, New Zealand has four seasons, but the time is just quite opposite with the rest of the world, which is the best thing about this country.

Summer in New Zealand falls in December, January and February. This is surely the most bustling months to travel to New Zealand. What else is better when you can combine Christmas, New Year and summer vacation all in one. Outdoor activities are the most loved things to do when it comes to summer. If you have a huge love for beaches, hiking in the forest or just go cycling to enjoy fresh air, welcome to New Zealand. Summer is also the high season for travel business so make sure that you have saved our Traveloka promo code for some discount when booking flights and hotel.

Fall is the next three months after the summer and New Zealand will not let you down with its gorgeous fall. If you are not very into crowded places in summer, fall is a better time for you to use Traveloka coupon code. Fall is the time that leaves change their color, the weather will also be cooler and you will need to layer some more clothes to enjoy some activities outdoors.

Winter will come to New Zealand in the beginning of June. Snow will fall, ski fields will be ready for their peak season and this beautiful island will transform into a winter wonderland. Although snow skiing in July is an interesting idea, winter is considered as a low season in New Zealand. Therefore, it will be perfect for people who love the quiet and peaceful atmosphere. If you are that person, do not hesitate and redeem our Traveloka coupon code 2018 and head for a hidden beauty of New Zealand’s winter.

Spring will finally come when September starts. The sun warms up, flowers begin their blooming seasons and days are longer for outdoor lovers. Just like fall, spring is a more preferable season for travelers to book their flight to Wellington because streets have not been filled up with tourists and locals on vacation yet. However, you can make use of Traveloka voucher for extra discount.

One more amazing thing about New Zealand is that it is very close to Australia. It is also a good idea to enjoy your holiday in another country with just a three-and-a-half hour flight, isn’t it! Take a flight to Melbourne or choose a hotel in Sydney to have some unforgettable moment.

Now you know all the exciting things you about New Zealand, let’s wait no more and save our Traveloka Coupon Code 2018! Fill your travel resolution this year and start planning for your trip now.

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